Country Partnership

Country partnership is a unique opportunity for countries across the world to position and strengthen their technical capabilities at global geospatial platform. Geospatial players of the country meet and network with global geospatial community in an exclusive environment.


  • Position the country as leader in international geospatial arena
  • Enhance understanding of latest trends for better business alignment
  • Open up partnership opportunity with international counterparts
  • Strengthen its position for attracting capacity building initiatives and business investment
  • Promote influx of tech expertise into the country
  • Showcase local industry strengths and establish partnerships with international technology companies


  • 45-minutes program on the country’ geospatial capabilities: The organisers will provide a venue for the country’s delegation to promote their capabilities – technology innovations, geospatial use cases, technology requirements, partnership opportunities, investment opportunities, research, etc. at the conference.
  • Country promotion: Promotion of the country as “Country Partner”, and the nodal organization as “Strategic Partner” of Geospatial World Forum 2019 through all its communication channels, conference website, brochure, advertisements, signages, etc.
  • Programme promotion: Inclusion of the programme on website

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