Speakers Bio & Abstract

Deepak Pareek Co Founder

BiographyDeepak is a creative forward-looking professional with two decades of experience in leveraging technology in Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Governance, E-Commerce and Platforms/Ecosystems domain. He is a serial technopreneur with extensive expertise in Technology & Innovation, Start-ups & Mentoring, Growth Hacking & Product Management, Technology Roadmaps & Business Models, and Advisory & Consulting Services.

Deepak is a well published author with seven published books on technology and business. He is a regular speaker at respected events including AP AgriTech - Visakhapatnam, ASEAN Marketing Forum Jakarta, Sustainable Food Systems Bangkok, Better Rice Initiative Vietnam, NGTech - Salt Lake City, ITFINANCE AFRICA Kenya and ITU Americas - Brazil to name a few.

Deepak has substantial technology expertise in User Experience & Adaptive Designs, Big Data & Predictive Analytics, Autonomous Systems & Artificial Intelligence, Wireless & Internet of Things, Mobile & Web Applications, and Platforms & Cloud Computing.Abstract ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, BLOCK CHAIN AND BIG DATA ? EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES AND BUSINESS MODELS ACTING AS POINT OF INFLECTION FOR SMALLHOLDER FARMERS The world is getting larger, by 2050, the global population will reach 9.6 billion people. This means within one generation, there will be more people added on the planet than there were at the beginning of the 20th century. Feeding the growing world population poses an unprecedented challenge to human ingenuity. By 2050, food production must increase by 70% to keep pace.

Achieving the level of agricultural productivity necessary to meet the immensely risen world demand for food, fiber and fuel by 2050 will be a challenge. Meeting this challenge is made even more daunting by a number of stringent constraints including environmental challenges, limitation of resources and need to make benefits of development reach all especially the smallholder farmers.

While Advance Technologies for Precision Agriculture and Business Models around Platforms/Ecosystems have been in circulation for more than few decades but have been confined to the developed and the rich due to prohibitive cost and marginal value it brought to the table. Further complexity of the concept made it difficult or repulsive to smallholder farmers the core of agriculture ecosystem in developing world.

However more evolved business models and disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain and Big Data have suddenly changed this equation. The impact is so profound that what seemed to be the muse of the elite has suddenly become a rage for the underserved. This talk takes you through a complete set of reasons and facts which are driving revolution in AgTech and the resulting adoption of the same by smallholder farmers.