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Vishal J Waghchaure WebGIS/ERP PM Team Lead

BiographyMr. Vishal Waghchaure is an Additional Executive Engineer at the Corporate Office of Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company (MSETCL) located at Mumbai. He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications and Masters in Business Management in Marketing. Presently he is acting as ERP PM Team Lead and also heading implementation of GIS in the company with ISROs BHUVAN Web-GIS platform.Abstract Mapping of EHV Transmission Lines of MSETCL on BHUVAN WebGIS PlatformMaharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company limited, a wholly owned corporate entity under the Maharashtra Government owns and operates most of Maharashtra's Electric Power Transmission System. MSETCL operates a transmission network of 43059 Circuit KM of transmission lines and 619 EHV Substations with 107369 MVA transformation capacity. This infrastructure constitutes most of the inter regional as well as intra-regional electric power transmission system in the State. Today, MSETCL is the largest state transmission utility in the country.

ISRO's BHUVAN platform was chosen to map MSETCL's huge network on the Web-GIS system. The uniqueness of this project is evident in the mapping of transmission lines. Generally the lines are treated just as interconnecting elements for substations; but in MSETCL system, they are mapped in such a way that the lines can be explored circuit-wise (only conductors), with towers and with complete closed network.