Speakers Bio & Abstract

Joris Goos Program Manager, Digital Management and Building
City of Rotterdam
The Netherlands

BiographyJoris Goos is Program Manager Digital Information Cycle for Asset Management and Engineering at the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

In 2014, the City of Rotterdam received a Smart City Award from The New Economy, presenting itself as a city of the future through sustainable development. Joris work aims to on completing and sustainably improving an information life cycle throughout city business processes. Think of city design, city development, licensing, engineering, contract management, project management, building, asset management and maintenance. And think of methods such as Building Information Management, 3D Modelling, Systems Engineering and Asset Management. Joris wants to speed up digital transformation by connection people, teams and departments and stimulating innovations, placing Rotterdam ahead of the game.

Prior to his current position, Joris has worked as a Manager Geo-Information Management in various roles, as a consultant in the private sector and as a research associate. Joris holds a Masters degree in Geodesy from Delft University of Technology.Abstract Rotterdam Smart City; Digital information cycles in City Development and ManagementThere is a world of endless hard work behind our transition to the internet of things, the effective use of virtual (3D) cities and use cases that shift from keeping the secret to sharing the knowledge. We have been working with digital data for over 30 years now. Companies and governments worldwide have introduced common languages and open standards and many of the traditionally expensive information (on just about anything) have become open data or at the very least easily accessible.

Now is the time to enjoy the benefits, which include smart city approaches, digital collaborations, Building Information Management, Systems Engineering and smart asset management. The city of Rotterdam is one of the most dynamic local governments in the Netherlands and we are ambitious. This session is on what weve learned from our digital transformation so far and our ideas for the near future.