Speakers Bio & Abstract

Ripudaman Singh Bhadoria Additional CEO & Project Director
SWAN, Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (MAP_IT)

BiographyWorking as Project Director MPSWAN( Madhya Pradesh State Wide Area Network), MPSDC (Madhya Pradesh State Data Centre) and MPSRDH (Madhya Pradesh State Resident Data Hub) and the ACEO MAP_IT (Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology) is mainly responsible for the State IT initiatives and implementation of e-governance projects across the state, whereas SWAN, SDC and SRDH are the key MMP projects implemented across India for strengthening the IT infrastructure considering the implementation of e-governance projects for the benefit of citizens.

Involved in core strategy of enhancing the core infrastructure of state in alignment with GoI guidelines and instructions of Digital India Initiative.

Leading the Cyber Security project of State for protection of IT Assets deployed by identifying and declaring them as the Critical Information Infrastructure in an alignment with NCIIPC (National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre) established by Government of India with a vsion to enhance the cyber security of the State IT assets.

- Cleared UPSC in 2010 and achieved the 3rd rank in Indian Forest Services.
- Represented MP State in Maths Olympiad and achieved the 1st Rank across Madhya Pradesh.
- Selected for the integrated program of 5 years M.Tech & B.Tech in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT).
- Involved in the key project of Forest Department during probation titled as Game Theory & Climate change and its computer simulation

Major Projects of M.Tech and B.Tech:
Project Title: Classification of land using remote sensing images by Digital Image processing.

Description: In statistical methods and algorithms and multivariate statistical methods such as simulation of hypothesis testing, multivariate analysis of variance etc and RSA implementation.

Project Title: Software Engineering Projects.

Description: Design of File Indexing Structure using Trees, Railway Track and Signalling System Simulation, Linear Sorting Algorithms, Solution of BVPs using Finite Element Methods, Design of Multiparty Chat System using message queues, Simulation of Data Mining Algorithms, Solving TSP using Hopfield neural network.

Project Title: Study of Total Quality Management, work culture, Ethics.

Description: A project under KSHIJV, joint venture constructing Delhi Metro.