Speakers Bio & Abstract

Johannes Riegl Jr Chief Marketing Officer

Abstract Utilising RIEGL Multi-Platform LiDAR for Efficient Data Capture; Assisting Public Safety, Streamlining Forensic InvestigationsThere are many unique pressures on public safety and security teams to deliver more with finite resources. Pre-event security planning and post-incident investigations have historically been time consuming and labour intensive, with an over-riding need for accurate reliable data capture. RIEGL Lidar is proven cutting-edge technology in the rapid documentation, and registration of, crash, crime and collision scenes, and mapping for pre-event security planning improving investigative quality, data interrogation and enhancing reputation. Recent developments such as RIEGLs automatic on-board registration and one-touch workflows have led to enriched and simplified market-leading operability, whilst the end user retains full control of the data handling and filtering from crime scene to court, an important forensic consideration. Utilising terrestrial laser scanners (VZ-400i) and where appropriate, multiple platforms, including UAV, airborne and mobile, RIEGL systems have shown how efficient data capture can be, together with streamlined software tools to assist in further analysis and investigation/reconstruction and presentation. Data across all platforms can be readily integrated into a single data set. Scene release times can be markedly improved.