Speakers Bio & Abstract

Sreehari K.G. Research Scholar
Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology

BiographyMr. Sreehari K.G is currently researching in the area of Heritage Monument Documentation, 3D scanning, Virtual Reality and Media exploration. Prior to IIT he holds the role of Assistant Professor at Christ University & Amrita University India. His active domain expands to academic and professional consultation in career development and innovative projects, with particular emphasis in various educational institutions and companies.Abstract Operate and Maintain Infrastructure Efficiently and EffectivelyHeritage buildings are crucial to the human in understanding their culture. If our heritage monuments are well documented and preserved, we will be able to rebuild the pieces of our heritage in case they get lost or damaged due environmental conditions, structural instability, increased tourism and development. Laser scanning solutions helps in collecting highly accurate measurement of the monuments and sites with millimeter precision on a very short period of time. These data helps us to understand how structures were built, the current conditions and threats they face. The comprehensive dataset can also be used by site managers, archaeologists, and conservators to monitor the sites and perform necessary restoration work to ensure their physical integrity, safety, and sustainably providing high level of site management with ease.