Speakers Bio & Abstract

Raphael Goudard Regional Mobile Mapping Segment Manager
Leica Geosystems

BiographyMr. Raphael is an Experienced Mobile Mapping Segment Manager with a strong technical under-standing in 3D metrology, Laser Scanning, GNSS, Topography and Mobile Mapping.

He has broad experience in solving problems specific to surveying and successful experience in sales and market development of mobile mapping solutions of Leica Geosystems.Abstract When it comes to feed a Smartcity with high quality digital elements one has to find the most appropriate tool. Considering that the value of digital and localized data has exponentially increased in the last 10 years and is projected to only get more valuable with advancements in data capture technology, cloud computing and artificial intelligence , our ability to create, collect, manage, interrogate and understand data is getting better every month and will play a major role in helping city planner to take smart decision in the shortest time frame. But what does this mean exactly for Leica Geosystems