Speakers Bio & Abstract

Tandang Yuliadi Dwi Putra Doctoral Candidate
University of Tokyo

BiographyMr. Tandang Yuliadi Dwi Putra is a doctoral candidate from Civil Engineering Department at the University of Tokyo, Japan. His research focus is to understand the evolution of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and develop a public private academic partnership model to sustain its implementation. He is also working at Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia and has more than 10 years' experience in NSDI development. He completed his M.Sc in 2010 at Gadjah Mada University.Abstract Voices from private sector: Insights for future NSDI development in IndonesiaThe practical benefits from sharing and reusing geographic information for national development programs has led many countries established National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDIs) for the past 25 years. Principally, an NSDI is a framework of technology, standards, policy and collaboration efforts to provide access, exchange and utilization of geospatial data at national level. It involves different institutions, including private sector, despite the fact that most of the initiatives were generated by national government agencies. The private sector's role is significant particularly as geospatial data supplier, software provider, and service developer. However, with the changing landscape of SDI due to the emerging trends of geospatial technology, the commercial sector is expected to take more involvement on its development. This paper aims to capture the perspective of NSDI implementation from the business actor's eyes in Indonesia. It also investigates the problems they encountered and requirements. By using semi-structured interview, profound understanding of the expectations from the private sector is derived to provide insight for future NSDI. The result indicates that a good quality and variety of geospatial data are indispensable as the basis for creating value added products or services, which utilized by private companies to enlarge the geospatial industry.