Speakers Bio & Abstract

Andy Wilson Director, Strategic Relationships
Ordnance Survey

BiographyAndy advises government agencies across the globe. He focuses on government spatial agreements, and how these deliver economic, environmental and citizen benefits. He has nearly 30 years’ experience in the Geographic Information Industry, including Chief Surveyor of London’s surveying operation and Head of Ordnance Survey Public Sector. He was responsible for developing the Public Sector Mapping Agreement for Great Britain, bringing together over 4000 organisations under a single contract and common spatial reference system.Abstract The best decisions are made by spatially enabled governmentsTo ensure the best possible policy decisions are made by Government, it is essential that key evidence from a variety of organisations across the public sector is easily and readily available by decision and policy makers to achieve that aim. Ordnance Survey International will explain how this has been achieved by implementing a comprehensive spatial data agreement and referencing standard across the whole of the British Public Sector. We will show how many public sector organisations in Great Britain are already using the same spatial data and referencing to;

- save millions of pounds per year
- reduce carbon emissions
- make the best possible decisions
- ensure public sector organisations can share information effectively
- implement efficient public services
- provide better and engaging citizen services
- ensure citizens are content and confident in public service delivery

This work further supports government initiatives to improve transparency, accountability, innovation and the accessibility of data across the public sector. By following this model it will be explained how these critical foundations are fundamental to optimisation of public services.