Speakers Bio & Abstract

ROB ROEF Co-Leader, AirportRoom
buildingSMART International
The Netherlands

BiographyRob Roef, also known as the BIM Captain from Rottterdam, had been in the opportunity to knowing the different corners of the BIM-world in the many foreign trips that he has made. He sniffed, felt and consumed the construction industry everywhere; in the US, in Europe (incl Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Iberia, UK and the Baltic states), China, Japan and South Korea. He has learned to understand many cultures and concepts. He takes the different experiences of subsequent discussions and is always using his network to connect people and make organizations better able to answer their (management / organizational) issues.

Currently he is facilitator to get a group of international airports on their way to learning to speak an unambiguous BIM language, in and with buildingSMART International in the AirportRoom.

Rob has over 25 years'' experience under his belt. He prefers not to speak to people who talk about BIM in difficult words. Because If you can''t explain it simply, you don''t understand it well enough!