Speakers Bio & Abstract

Krishanu Archaya Regional Sales Manager for South Asia
Urthecast - Deimos Imaging

BiographyMr. Krishanu Acharya holds decade of experience in Remote Sensing and various application areas of Earth Observation Industry. He has worked with numerous private Organisation and achieved unparalleled experience in field of Geospatial Technology. For last five years he is instrumental in promoting sustainable and time proven EO Solutions in Various Asian Countries. Currently Mr. Acharya is associated with Deimos Imaging, an Urthecast company as Regional Sales Manager taking care of South Asian countriesAbstract DEIMOS IMAGING: UTILISATION OF DEIMOS-2 DATA IN SMART CITY PLANNING AND MONITORINGDeveloping and newly industrialized countries in any part of the world are experiencing a rapid expansion in economic growth mirrored by the expansion of the cities, urban development, infrastructure and industry. Geospatial Technology and Satellite Data plays a major role in Urban / Rural Planning which involves determining appropriate future decisions and actions through a series of choices. Making choices requires, in addition to thorough planning knowledge, comprehensive (geo)data about the past, present and future.

With the second largest population in the world and its enormous urban growth, Indias engineering, architecture and urban planning sectors are key to foster sustainable development and, as a result, mapping technologies may also play a crucial role. In this endeavor, in 2015, the Indian Government launched the Smart Cities Awas Yojna Mission to develop 100 smart cities and rejuvenate 500 others.

Maps are an essential tool, not only in our everyday lives, but also to foster sustainable growth through urban planning. As cities continue to expand in India, even the most accurate maps will be quickly outdated. Thus, a challenge arose: to develop an easy-to use and cost-effective solution to map new infrastructures and urban growth.

Deimos Imaging has played a key role in the design, implementation and operational consolidation of highly relevant services in Urban Planning and Infrastructure Mapping in different parts of the world. DEIMOS-2, launched in June 2014, is a very-high resolution (75cm pan-sharpened) multispectral optical satellite with a 12-km swath. The whole end-to-end DEIMOS-2 system has been designed to provide a cost-effective and highly responsive service to cope with the increasing need of fast access to very-high resolution imagery. Our PanGeo Alliance also brings incomparable fleet of satellite for Timely Monitoring of the Smart Cities.

This paper is meant to showcase DEIMOS-2 data use-case for various application areas, including Asset Mapping, Project Monitoring, Encroachment Monitoring, Building Height Estimation, Land Movement Monitoring, Slope Analysis, and Monitor Height Changes.