Speakers Bio & Abstract

DR. HANUMAN PRASAD CHODAGAM Deputy General Manager-Smart Solutions

BiographyDr. Hanuman Prasad Chodagam comes with 21-years of experience which spans across Program & Delivery Management, Technical Marketing, Business Development, Solutions & Consulting and Strategic planning. He holds a PhD in Earth Sciences. His academies are coupled with extensive domain expertise in various segments such as Utilities, Geospatial and Energy. Satellite Remote Sensing, 3D Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Application integration and data transformation are few areas of his expertise. He has proven record of accomplishment in successfully analyzing organization's critical business requirements and been working in Cyient for the last 18 years. He is the Head of Smart Cities Solutions and responsible for Global Business relations. Abstract Intelligent 3D City Models for Smart CitiesThe 3D city experience has become key to the development of infrastructure and growth of urbanization in smart cities today. 3D virtual modeling, visualization, dissemination, and management of urban infra will be among the top challenges in the coming years. A smart city framework without a 3D view is not likely to create a positive impact or be effective.

So far, governance has been based on documents in 2D. With the advent of new technologies and evolving urban trends and requirements, a virtual reality view of the accurate city data in 3D perspective is the need of the hour. Whether it is infra, power sub-station, telecom tower, dam structure, or even potholes, 3D visualization provides strong support in enabling smart governance by providing all the necessary information essential to take better and faster decisions. Cyient has been developing 3D models for the last decade, and one half of these have been used for a specific department use. However, now governments are looking for smart 3D city platforms which are web-enabled and can be used by any department to take informed decisions quickly.

Cyient brings a 3D perspective for a smart city and helps you serve the city and its citizens more effectively and efficiently. This presentation showcases what is important, challenging, and worthwhile for smart governance in the smart city framework. 3D experiences need to move beyond visualization and help design, simulate, analyze, and provide an approach for the next best action or alternative