Speakers Bio & Abstract

Sloane Joie Trugman Founder, Amunet Insights LLC
Chief of Research, Programs, and Initiatives, UPDATAD Project

BiographySJT, Entrepreneur, Systems Analyst, Researcher & Representative. Founder @Amunet Insights LLC, Founder/Chief of Research, Programs, and Initiatives @UPDATAD. Miss Trugman works at the intersection of identity, information, safety and security to serve Humans, Systems, and Machines and lead critical infrastructure establishment, policy reform & information distribution to shape the 21st Century. Prior, she analyzed funding, economy, programs, education, R&D, deployment, and utilization of S&T that traditionally served global alliances, intelligence agencies & national security.Abstract Planetary Security & The New Gig Economy : Traditional science and technology development, ecosystem, industry, and development, including risk, insurance, security, and assurance has not only served stature of country to civilian populations but that of GDP as well. When looking into the formation, investment, procurement, and upkeep within and externally to national security and what we know today as global security. Part of this paradigm deals with the expansion and contraction of wealth, market share, and bot security and securities. The key to all of this is, intelligence. The utilization of past and new information, in my study, get regarded, implementation, and protected based off certain key and known criteria worth securing. Communication systems, best practices, and a skilled workforce are all necessary and are companions to the other components of protection and development. When looking at the United Nation's SDG's, I saw that traditional development of the Intelligence Agencies, Special Forces, High Science, Analysis practices, and Global Alliance information exchanges could all be harnessed and used at a platform for inspiration to develop protocol, order, and economy to lean into creating infrastructure that would support a network of participants all over the globe. Starting from space systems down was critical.