Speakers Bio & Abstract

Rohini Chaturvedi Director, Sustainable Landscapes and Restoration

BiographyDr. Rohini Chaturvedi leads the Forest and Landscape Restoration program in India. She works closely with WRIs Global Restoration Initiative to inspire, enable and mobilize political and social action for revitalizing degraded land and forests in the country, to achieve benefits for nature and society. This involves research, planning and implementation, communication and advocacy, as well as active coordination with multiple stakeholders including governments, businesses, civil society organisations, and communities.

Rohini has been involved with natural resource governance and policy processes in India for over a decade. Prior to joining WRI, she worked for many years as an independent consultant and researcher. The projects that she carried out spanned diverse environment and development issues covering different dimensions of how decisions about natural resources are made, who makes these decisions, how they are implemented, and how the costs and benefits are distributed among different groups in society. Rohini has also worked with the University of Cambridge, UK to identify approaches that can enhance the translation of research into policy and practice. In addition, she has developed and taught several modules on international development at the Institute for Continuing Education in Cambridge. In the course of her work Rohini has engaged with diverse actors cutting across business, state and non-government sectors, at levels ranging from local to international.

Rohini is the recipient of a small grant from the Rufford Foundation, UK. This grant is being used for developing and implementing an ecotourism initiative around Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Central India, to support conservation and local livelihoods.

Rohini holds a PhD in geography and an MPhil in Environment, Society and Development from the University of Cambridge, UK. She is also an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Forest Management and University of Pune in India.

In her spare time, Rohini enjoys travelling, reading and cooking.