Speakers Bio & Abstract

VIJAY CHOWDHARY Sales Engineer, Const. BIM / CIM
FARO Business Technologies

BiographyVijay Chowdhary graduated from University of derby, United Kingdom, in Mechanical Engineering. He has an industrial experience in Engineering Design and New Product Development specialized in the CAE and CFD applications. Vijay is a certified professional for Product Design and Simulation, his previous profile includes pre-sales and managing customers technically in the areas of Design & Simulation. At present he works as a Sales Engineer for Product Design in FARO Technologies. Abstract Explore Laser Scanning Revolution in As-Built SurveyExplore how laser scanning had a huge impact on as-built surveys.

3D laser scanner collects laser points off a building or terrain, millions of these data points form point cloud and shows As-Built information with texture.

Presentation explains how organization can get a very comprehensive and precise representation of the building, which can be further used to retrofit the facility to add new systems.