Speakers Bio & Abstract

Lt Gen Dr Rajesh Pant Chairman
Precision Electronics Ltd

BiographyInternationally renowned soldier-scholar, General Pant has 42 years’ experience in Indian Army, especially in field of Electronic Warfare, Geointelligence and Cyber Warfare. Presently he is an International consultant in C5ISR systems and Information Security. He has earlier chaired the technical sessions of GeoIntelligence Asia.Abstract 4IR and GIS- Beware of the MONKThe fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is characterised by a heavy dependence on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, Data Science and Robotics. Since location in 3 Dimensional plane is a key parameter in the implementation of 4IR, GIS has to play an important subset role. However, both these aspects are heavily dependent on electronic components, software application, storage and networked communications. This has created a deadly new threat termed as Cybertonic Warfare, which is a convergence of the existing domains of Cyber and Electronic Warfare. This new threat to the 4IR is called as MONK or the Mother-Of all- Non-Kinetics. The author is the global founder and propagator of this new threat and in this paper he will outline the various components and vectors of Cybertronic Warfare, its impact on geointelligence along with some suggested countermeasures for the GIS industry. It is recommended that Policy makers of GIS should conform to meet this new threat lest it leads to catastrophic results.