Speakers Bio & Abstract

KeynoteProf. Chris Pettit Director
City Futures Research Centre

BiographyChris Pettit is the inaugural Chair of Urban Science at the University of New South Wales. His expertise is in the convergence of the fields of Urban Planning and Geographical Information Sciences (GIS) where he has published more than 150 peer reviewed papers. For the last 20 years, he has been undertaking research and development in the use of spatial information and mapping technologies for envisioning what if scenarios across both urban and regional landscapes. His recent interests also span into applications, development and the critique of geographical visualization tools including, advanced spatial decision support systems and city dashboards.Abstract Introducing the rapid analytics interactive scenario explorer In this presentation I will provide an overview of the Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer (RAISE), which is part of a broader suite of digital planning tools developed to support urban planning envision sustainable, productive and resilient city futures.

RAISE toolkit offers innovation in three key areas:

1. New spatial visualisation techniques capable of supporting rapid feedback, collaborative exploration and hypothesis formulation.
2. New capabilities for linking diverse geospatial to property data; and
3. A new open and cloud-based architecture for drawing together data, models, and visualisation in an efficient platform that is intuitive and easy to use by actors in a group based decision-making environment.

The toolkit’s development has been validated through a case study approach, which incorporates a hedonic pricing models ranging from automated land valuation models through to more complex land value uplift models. In the context of Western Sydney I will demonstrate the toolkit’s ability to rapidly calculate residential property value uplift based on situating new metro stations under a range of future transport scenarios.