Speakers Bio & Abstract

Tom Counts Chief Executive Officer

BiographyTom Counts has over thirty years of experience and education in product development, project management, and organizational operations management. As CEO of 3-GIS, Tom helped create and launch the company and he established a long-standing relationship with Esri. Utilizing his entrepreneurial spirit, he has led the company to create the third-generation in GIS solutions for telecom asset management solutions.Abstract Fiber deployments for broadband access: How telecom 3-GIS is adding performance to the networkThe digital economy affects almost every aspect of the world economy, impacting sectors as varied as banking, transportation, education, media or health. Governments around the world have initiatives to build networks that will bring access to information technologies throughout their populations. The fiber plant remains the lynchpin to providing the broadband access needed to bring the business development, globalization, and trade extension needed for economic betterment.

GIS is fundamental for dealing with the geospatial difficulties for building out the fiber networks needed to support mobile backhaul and FTTx. Using GIS, network designers can have visibility into preferable routes and around obstacles. Taking advantage of the geospatial technology, telecom applications have emerged to help network providers build their networks faster and get information for better capacity planning and operations.

New telecom infrastructure management applications are needed to help change the economics and sustainability of deploying backbone and FTTx by increasing the speed of engineering and construction, reducing risks, getting the most capacity out of available assets, and managing the network information for rapid response and restoration. This presentation brings forward 3-GIS applications that speed the deployment and increase the operating performance of fiber networks that are needed to bring broadband connectivity.