Speakers Bio & Abstract

Dr. Debajit Mishra Scientist/Project Coordinator
Odisha Space Applications Centre(ORSAC)

Biography31 years experience, primarily in the areas of space technology & geo-informatics applications in the areas of Natural resources management, Landuse planning, Urban survey, environmental monitoring, Connectivity planning and e-Governance applications.Abstract Geospatial data modelling for industrial and infrastructure developmentTechnological advancement is the key driver for economic growth and sustainable development. Geospatial Technologies are considered as one of the most powerful technologies that can effectively serve overall developmental needs of the modern world. Today such applications and tools are available and are being advanced for improved performance of a country towards all major verticals of economy like agriculture, mining, industry, infrastructure and transportation, The presentation will depict a) applications of Geo-ICT, GIS, Space applications and web-technology to provide centralized database service to decision makers, administrators, investors, planners and common public for industrial and infrastructure development; b) efficacy of digital database for investors information along with options of data supply about developed facilities, services, utilities, infrastructure and amenities around the identified land clusters; c) provision of information along with spatial and attribute data to potential investors for new ventures; d) dissemination of industrial information in public domain in a spatial format for the access and appreciation of common citizen; e) provisions for establishing spatial relationship between industrial clusters and infrastructure and other amenities through an overlay of attributes that measures the suitability of industrial development and creating inventory and prioritise the industrial land utilization to provide strategic direction to industrial and economic development.