Speakers Bio & Abstract

Sanghee Shin President
Gaia3D, Inc.
South Korea

BiographyPresident of Gaia3D, Inc.
Board member of OSGeo(Open Source Geospatial Foundation)
Chair of KAOS-G(Korea Alliance of Open Source Geospatial) Abstract Mago3D - An innovative AEC/GIS integration platform that can service millions of 3D objects on a web browserThis talk will introduce a brand new live 3D geo-platform called mago3D that can integrate BIM/AEC(Architecture, Engineering, Construction) and 3D GIS in a web browser. mago3D can manage and visualize millions of 3D objects from different sources in a web browser without installing any plugin or ActiveX. 2 main cores of mago3D are mago3D.js and F4D format. mago3D.js is a set of JavaScript that expands existing WebGL Globe's functionality and usability. mago3D.js increases rendering quality and speed. mago3D.js runs on top of AGI's Cesium.js and NASA Web World Wind at the moment. One of big hurdle to integrate AEC and 3D GIS simultaneously is handling and visualizing the massive 3D objects. To overcome this hurdle, new format called F4D has been devised. F4D is a sort of 3D service format that contains LOD, pre-processed occlusion culling information, and visibility indexes. Currently industry standard IFC(Industry Foundation Classes), JT(Jupiter Tessellation), and popular 3D formats such as OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA DAE can be converted to F4D format. mago3D has been successfully used in several industries including ship building, FM(Facility Management), constructions so far. Real success story of mago3D will be presented during the talk.