Speakers Bio & Abstract

Aditya Agrawal Director - Data Ecosystems Development
Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

BiographyAs Director for Data Ecosystems Development, Aditya Agrawal leads the GPSDD in its country level engagement on developing whole-of-government and multi-stakeholder data ecosystem approaches in the context of the data revolution for sustainable development. This includes better understanding the political and technical issues countries are facing on how to achieve the SDGs, both within a reporting and monitoring framework, and how data can be applied for decision-making and action. The GPSDD consists of more than 250 organizations globally, across sectors, and through this network, the Data Ecosystems Team works to identify new partnerships, methods and innovation that bring data sources together including official statistics, open data, citizen-generated-data, big data and geospatial and earth observation data to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Mr. Agrawal has over 15 years of experience working on programs focused on the use of data in both developed and developing country contexts and across a range of sectors including academia, private sector and government.