Speakers Bio & Abstract

Sai Pattabiram Chief Executive Officer
ZUPPA Big Data Acquisition

BiographyRight after finishing his MBA, the Road Less Travelled appealed to Sai. Starting out with composites in early 1980's, his career has spanned 4 decades in India and abroad. The entrepreneurial path led to AI centric Big Data Acquisition platforms. To deliver products, solutions and concepts that were departures from the ordinary has been a persistent trait. As the CEO of Zuppa Geo IoT and Drone-based data acquisition platforms, Sai sees an inevitable need to scale these technologies that will radically change several sectors and envisions a major role for AI & Geo IoT devices in mining, land surveys, machine data acquisition, infrastructure project monitoring , precision agriculture and solar plants to just name a few where work is already underway. Accessing the vast amounts of data previously inaccessible and delivering it for analysis will enhance the quality of life and businesses will ride this fourth industrial revolution.Abstract Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills Three Decades of Evolution of Computing as we know it is but the stage when a Toddler starts exploring the world after having mentally developed abilities to comprehend and learn from experiences along the way . Computing machines and the internet have evolved to a point where now computing power exists to process large amounts of data that can be analysed .

Having developed the awareness of the world around Computing the toddler now has started to develop Artificial Intelligence to start moving around and acquiring real world data from sensory networks , transmit it over its Nerves the Internet , process the acquired data into experiential learning , create predictive algorithms thru BIG DATA Analytics and evolve on the lines of humans.

AI is Electronic Equivalent of the portion of the brain that controls our senses acquires data and responds to stimuli .
IoT is like the sensory nodes that collect and transmit sensory data to the AI systems using internet as the Nerves of our body .
BIG DATA analytics is that part of the Brain that processes this data , logs it and stores it as experiential learning
As humans we acquire data both in our static and dynamic state this is now being replicated by way of Geo IoT devices that are both static and dynamic .

Ex :
Geo IoT Platform for Solar , Precision Agriculture , machine Data , Weather station to name a few are static applications for Data Acquisition

Drones , Driverless Vehicles , Mobile Machines used in construction are a few dynamic data acquisition platforms AI , IoT and BIG Data though viewed as separate technologies today due to our current limited vision are all interconnected in the evolution of Computing to its next level and apart from having the potential to reshape the future like Traditional computing and the net did.

AI & IoT will open up huge business potential and create a paradigm shift in the way the world works within the next decade .