Speakers Bio & Abstract

Niraj Prakash Senior Director - Solution Consulting, Digital Innovation

BiographyDr. Niraj Prakash is currently Senior Director Solution Consulting at Oracle India, leading a team of architects for Digital Innovation and Cloud Transformation for Government, Public Sector and Large Enterprises. In his 15 years at Oracle, he has helped win and influence large and strategic deals for Oracle India. He has deep engagements with initiatives and campaigns related to Digital India and Smart City flagship programs of the Government.

Dr. Niraj has over 27 years of industry experience and has worked earlier at Microsoft and SAP in senior roles. He has been instrumental in the adoption of IT applications within government organizations and corporate sector. He has engaged with large companies; central, state and local government; system integrators; and funding agencies in the conceptualization and design phases of various ICT and enterprise application projects. Besides, he has extensive interest in education and academics.

He has been an author and speaker at several National and State level Conferences and engages avidly on academic forums and related advisory boards.

Dr. Niraj is a Ph.D, MBA (Finance), Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for Applications as well as Business Architect (OBA).Abstract Future of Smart CitiesSmart Cities have emerged as one of the largest and fastest moving initiatives under the Digital India program. Several cities are well on their way to design their plans and are seeking suitable solutions and partners to execute them. As the process of designing, planning and execution goes on, it is extremely critical to be cognizant about the past, present and future of various city elements that impact such planning and execution. There are cities grappling with basic issues of infrastructure and yesteryear technologies (past) along with cities that are heavily guided by the current smart city plans and digital technologies (present). However, it is sometimes uncertain and suspect how the cities are preparing themselves for big disruptions in every area of city management (future).

The session provides an insight into the key components of smart city ICT solutions and Integrated Command & Control Center built on new technologies. Importantly, the session focuses on leveraging them not just for the present smart city designs and plans, but also to ensure they are effectively used to manage future city trends and disruptions.