Speakers Bio & Abstract

Ma Xiaoyu Founder
Tianhe Construction

BiographyMr. Ma Xiaoyu, Young Entrepreneur, founder of Tianhe Construction, Tianjin, China. Research on intelligent construction and simulation, information integration and so on for large infrastructure projects. Participate in the national, provincial and ministerial research projects 4, published 1 papers EI search, 3 other papers, participated in the preparation of scientific research monographs 3. A project has led the research team to complete Sanya new airport reclamation project, Tianjin Airbus A330 wide body aircraft custom-built workshop, Tianjin rail transit line Z4, Hainan Xinglong Hilton Binhu Resort Hotel, Haikou Mingzhu Bay Bridge and other major projects more than 10, and won a number of domestic industry awards. In October 2017, the Special Recognition Awards were presented to him from The Year in Infrastructure Conference in Singapore. Now he is a researcher of the center for intelligent building simulation of Tianjin University of Technology, a research fellow of Construction Industrialization and Integrated Technology Research Center, and a distinguished expert of Beijing Green Building Association.Abstract Management Decision & Artificial Intelligence for Large-scale Infrastructure construction projectThe Tianhe Construction devotes itself to transforming advanced scientific results and assisting the whole process of “intelligent building” with information and digital tools. The case project gives full play to advantages of the units, tries to forge the first large platform of coordinated management of infrastructure information of marine industries and realizes the intelligent building based on the platform. The project is large-scale land reclamation project. It has a large size and high standards for the design of island wall structures. Its operations at sea are greatly influenced by the environment and engineering technical requirements are high. Main challenges the project faces include the manufacturing and processing of 30m-level steel cylinders, force analysis in transit and the accurate positioning of steel cylinders; the extraction of complex engineering workloads; loss assessment of disasters caused by extreme weathers, construction sites planning and the establishment of private cloud platform of the project. Overall, I shall share with you how to solve practical problems occur in the process of construction and elaborate on how to apply the Bentley platform into the project.