Transforming Business: Location Analytics + Business Intelligence

The theme of the conference “Transforming Business: Location Analytics + Business Intelligence” will give a sneak peak into the future of phygital transformation as we witness the fourth industrial revolution in play. This paradigm shift of phygital technology is happening all around us and changing the way we live, work, and connect. The massive disruption happening in the digital technologies (IoT, Big Data and AI) resulted in dire need of closer derivation for consumer insight in the society, which will press on the need for reinvention of institutions as a whole. Geospatial technology’s capability especially location analytics and location intelligence will pave a new path of connection in a global scenario. This will give rise to a new set of applications, business models, and new revenue models across the global chain of enterprises, government, development agencies, multilaterals, and academia.

Location is key to all aspects of a business. From deciding where to locate a new store to optimizing a supply chain or creating more engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with your best customers - the demand for geographic business intelligence and analytics solutions has increased significantly. Businesses have used geographic information systems for decades to analyze, visualize, understand location information and make more informed business decisions. Location technology is a business intelligence (BI) process that combines with IoT and big data to generate insights from location-based or geographic business data. Businesses that integrate location intelligence into their marketing strategy benefit by gaining accurate information that gives them insights on their consumers, allowing them to take action involving customer bases, distribution channels, networks, as well as to maximize marketing decision making.

Location World is making its presence felt but remains to be leveraged before its real potential can be fully optimized. Understanding this, Geospatial Media & Communications will host an event under the theme ‘Embracing the Digital Disruption with Location Intelligence’ on the occasion of Geospatial World Forum 2018. Location World conference’s theme comes parallel in lieu with the theme of Geospatial World Forum i.e. GEO4IR: Geo-Enabling Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will highlight how geospatial technologies will play a key role in 4IR. The theme is inspired by the World Economic Forum, which helped the world understand the relevance of 4IR and how it is going to transform the society and the world economy.