Employability and Career Opportunities

In a field that evolves as rapidly as geospatial information science and technologies, the idea of “getting a job” may not be as straight-forward as it sounds. With the increasing usage of geospatial technologies in a variety of fields, the skills required to be a successful geospatial professional have evolved over the years. In order to, build a strong employability and career opportunity in the industry need is to understand on what the majority of employers are looking for, the new skills and achievements essential for developing a successful career. The program on “Employability and Career Opportunity” will discuss on

  • What are employers looking for
  • How do you know that your training and education will get you there?
  • Hear directly from youth their perspectives on employment issues
  • Hear the perspectives of academia and private sector stakeholders on ‘the skills gap’ – between the supply of job-ready skills among young people and the demand for skills among employers
  • Share experiences from academia and private sector engagement in youth employability programs