Geospatial + Deep Learning: Shaping Smarter World

As civilisation shifts towards information era, digital infrastructure and processes are becoming the core patterns of social, cultural, professional and economic activities of human endeavors. Availability, accessibility and utility of information are at the center of national development agenda and being considered as indicators of a nation's societal engagement, inclusive policies, citizen empowerment, and economic advancement. 'Knowledge Economy' and 'Digital World' are determining axis around which civilisations and nations revolve and evolve.

In our digital world where Sensors collect Information – Information hosted in Cloud – Cloud connects Internet of Things – Internet of Things manage Machines – Machines powered by Deep Learning – and Deep Learning driving Artificial Intelligence; we will need to adapt and thrive in a future where robots and other smart devices become integral part of societies. The next generation geospatial applications is expected to come not through a single technology, but rather from linking multiple technologies together.

Deep Learning has become the most popular approach to developing artificial intelligence – machines that perceive and understand the world. It empowers geospatial ecosystem by providing real-time near-human level perception; integrates into analytical workflows and driving data exploration and visualisation – automating the entire process of creating scalable insights from large amounts of data. Such machines will be able to 'understand' geospatial information themselves and with deep learning, able to self-obtain geospatial information from their surroundings as per required to do their jobs, processing it in real time.

This infographic will help you further understand the connection between geospatial ecosystems and machine deep learning, and how the integration of both can produce ultimate knowledge for shaping a smarter world. Join us at Geospatial World Forum 2017 to know more!!