Speakers Bio & Abstract

HWANJONG CHU Senior Business Development Manager
SI Imaging Services
Republic of Korea

BiographyHaving completed his MSc in Satellite Communications Engineering at University of Surrey in Guildford UK, HWANJONG considers himself to be a well-motivated, hardworking and enthusiastic individual who are well equipped with knowledge in satellite engineering and remote sensing and also an excellent face-to-face communicator who works well both as part of a team or by himself with commitment and reliability. He has illustrated this during his career at Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the South Korea based government operated space agency, and its exclusive Korea multi-purpose satellite imagery provider SI Imaging Services as a senior business development manager for the last several years. He has extensive range of experience and hands on knowledge in spacecraft design and operation being currently committed himself to the remote sensing and GIS for the new challenge.Abstract Korea Multi-Purpose Satellites Constellation for Modern Geospatial Solutions Looking back those days when South Koreas first ever space programme commenced in 1992, it has been obvious that a large number of pioneering engineers and scientists have devoted themselves to the advancement of South Korean space industry resulting in the countrys being equipped with the technology to launch state of the art spacecraft to the orbit, one of which is KOMPSAT (Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite) series built by KARI(Korea Aero Space Research Institute) the government space agency. The purpose of this study is to show the history and current global market status of South Korean space industry in solely relation to KOMPSAT series especially focusing on its capability in remote sensing for geospatial solutions with a certain level of technological and commercial analysis. Good grasp of this presentation will benefit especially those who consider the expansion of their research and business in GIS and remote sensing to the next level.