Speakers Bio & Abstract

Dr. Sujoy Kumar Jana Associate Professor
Dept. of Surveying & Land Studies PNG University of Technology
Papua New Guinea

BiographyDr. Sujoy Kumar Jana is working as Associate Professor and Course Coordinator, M. Sc in Remote Sensing & GIS, Department of Surveying & Land Studies at The Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Papua New GuineaAbstract Exploring Vulnerable areas for Malaria in Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea - Remote Sensing and GIS as Potential ToolsMalaria as a vector borne disease inflicts the highest death toll in most of the less-developed tropical countries of the world. Papua New Guinea is one of those countries in tropical region where malaria happens to be the most dreaded disease. The paper seeks to identify the congenial geographical features as the input factors, which are then integrated into the composite mapping units leading to various degrees of ‘vulnerability segmentations’. These segments pinpoint the plausible areas of ‘differing proneness for malaria incidence’ in Morobe province of Papua New Guinea. GIS and remote sensing technology are essentially used here for spatial analysis with a view to identifying various degrees of risk areas for malaria. Several factors responsible for attracting these pathogenic vectors were identified and investigated using GIS and remote sensing and these are; elevation of the study area from mean sea level, distance from possible breeding site, slope factor, vulnerability index and Land use land cover type of the study area. Multi criteria evaluation and Analytical Hierarchy Process techniques were explored for probing these factors’ role in causing malaria infections in the Morobe province.