Speakers Bio & Abstract

Ankit Mehta CEO

BiographyAnkit is the Co-founder & CEO of ideaForge, the leader in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. He started ideaForge straight out of college, working for just six months in between, to earn enough to sustain for another six. Starting a hardware technology company was the most natural move for him, as it was what he always wanted to do, having implemented several original ideas and participated in myriad competitions as a student.
Ankit and the ideaForge team have won several competitions in autonomous robotics such as sharing the first prize with MIT, USA in an autonomous micro air vehicle contest, in the hovering category.
At ideaForge, they created the then world's smallest and lightest autopilot and also the country's first fully autonomous UAV in 2009. It was one of their early prototypes which was featured in the movie "3 idiots", that has sparked the country's imagination on Aerial Robotics.
Ankit completed his Dual Degree, in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Bombay and he is passionate about creating global first and global best technologies in India, for India and the world.