Speakers Bio & Abstract

International Cartographic Association
The Netherlands

Abstract Trends in mapping based on ICA?s geography and historyCartographic innovations are driven by changing societal needs and respective technological developments. These have influenced the discipline of cartography, and respective map products as objects of study from within and the outside of the discipline. However, analyzing the structure and activities of the International Cartographic Association over the past, will also help to further understand the professional development of the cartographic discipline. We do this starting from the definition of our discipline, that is able to handle societal and technological change, without compromising on fundamental cartographic values. We will look back at how the ICA has developed itself by looking at its commission structure between 1964 and today to understand the professional development of the cartographic discipline. This is followed by an analysis and spatialization of proceeding papers submitted to the International Cartographic Conferences between 19932013. A question that arises if ICAs organizational structure might have influenced its cartographic research agenda and vice-versa. We also consider the potential influence of the geography of the ICA membership, including the geographic origin of the ICAs officers on the executive board and the chairs of ICAs Commission and Working Groups. Based on this we try to extrapolate to the future.