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BENGT KJELLSON Director General

BiographyBengt Kjellson was appointed as the Director General and Chief Executive of Lantmteriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority) in July 2011. Before this, he was Head of Lantmteriets Division for Land Registration. Bengt has also been involved in international matters related to land administration.
Other assignments include:
. Chairman of UN GGIM Europe Executive Committee, 2014 present . Member of board and vice president of Eurogeograhics, 2012 2014
. Member of The Governments Council for Digitalization of Public Administration in Sweden, 2015 present
. Member of the e-Government delegation, 2011 2015
. Faculty of Law, Uppsala University. Chairman of the Institute of Real Estate Legal Research, 2005 present, member of board since 1999
. Chairman of board for EULIS 2005 2013
. Chairman of UN ECE Working Party on Land Administration (2001-2005), and Bureau member 1999 2005.
Bengt has a law degree from University of Uppsala, Sweden.