Public Private Partnership Summit

Tentative Structure

0930 – 1100 hrs

Geospatial Infrastructure and Platform

1100 – 1130 hrs

Networking Tea/Coffee Break

1130 – 1300 hrs

Geospatial-Enabled Development Projects

1300 – 1400 hrs

Networking Lunch

1400 – 1530 hrs

Geospatial-Enabled Information Services


Networking Tea/Coffee Break


Geospatial World Forum 2017 Closing Panel

Public-private partnership (PPP) is becoming imperative in geospatial industry today. Whether in providing national geospatial infrastructure/platform or ensuring smooth information services to citizens, governments are increasingly turning to the private sector to explore latest technology and innovation. Such PPP practice can give impetus to the geospatial ecosystem, especially businesses, to ensure geospatial information and technology are available to society at large.

Geospatial infrastructure, national or international, involves multiple stakeholders, huge amount of data, and naturally needs big investments and human resource support from the government. Association with private sector through PPP allows the skills and assets of each sector (public and private) to be shared to improve operational efficiency for the benefit of the general public. This will also ensure long-term sustainability of such infrastructure.

In addition to the sharing of skills and resources, public-private partnership also allows sharing of risks associated with a joint project. This especially applies to large agile development projects with multi-billion dollars investment, which have major impacts on communities, environment and public finance. Innovative project delivery methods via PPP have the potential to improve project performance in terms of delivery time and risk management.

Geospatial World Forum shall be hosting a full-fledged Public Private Partnership Summit to explore greater engagement opportunities between public and private entities associated with geospatial and related industries. The Summit shall culminate in Closing Plenary Session on 25th January 2017.

The following three important aspects shall be discussed at the Summit:

Geospatial Infrastructure and Platform

To outline collaboration towards establishing national and international geospatial infrastructure, geodetic and GNSS infrastructure and dissemination and distribution platforms.

Geospatial-Enabled Development Projects

To explore opportunities for collaboration between geospatial stakeholders and large agile development projects of national and international relevance.

Geospatial-Enabled Information Services

To create opportunities and commercial/non-commercial models of delivering information services to citizens and businesses.

Target Audience

  • Agile Projects Implementing Agencies
  • Agile Projects Owners
  • Consultants
  • Funding Agencies
  • Geospatial Data Providers
  • Geospatial System Integrators
  • Geospatial Technology Providers
  • Information Service Providers
  • Multilateral Agencies
  • National Geospatial Agencies
  • PPP Experts