Closing Plenary Panel & Valedictory


25 Jan 2017 1515 - 1615 hrs
PanelistProf. Michael Goodchild, Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of California, USA
PanelistProf. Michael Goodchild Emeritus Professor of Geography
University of California
PanelistIvan Deloatch, Executive Director, Federal Geographic Data Committee, USA
PanelistIvan Deloatch Executive Director
Federal Geographic Data Committee
PanelistDr. YVN Krishnamurthy, Director, National Remote Sensing Centre, India
PanelistDr. YVN Krishnamurthy Director
National Remote Sensing Centre
PanelistGreg Scott, Inter-Regional Advisor, Global Geospatial Information Management, United Nations
PanelistGreg Scott Inter-Regional Advisor
Global Geospatial Information Management
United Nations
ModeratorRob Van De Velde, Director, Geonovum, The Netherlands
ModeratorRob Van De Velde Director
The Netherlands
PanelistChris Gibson*, Vice President, Trimble Inc., USA
PanelistChris Gibson* Vice President
Trimble Inc.
PanelistDr Peter Woodgate, Chief Executive Officer, CRC for Spatial Information, Australia
PanelistDr Peter Woodgate Chief Executive Officer
CRC for Spatial Information

* Tentative Speaker

Closing Plenary Panel: Geospatial Industry Moving Forward

Stakeholders of geospatial industry are being challenged by developments across several fields – artificial intelligence, digital engineering, augmented reality, business intelligence and many others. With the infinite computing capacity of the cloud, automation has been regarded as the answer to derive intelligence from today’s explosion of data. From one perspective, it looks like the machines are taking over our industry.

As the advancements of artificial intelligence will not slow down, now is the right time for geospatial industry to acknowledge the rise of smarter machines and embed computing into our workflows for added insight. Leveraging artificial intelligence not only will provide greater understanding of the complexity around us; it opens up plethora of possibilities and opportunities to the industry.

Machines will continue to rise; society and economy are already data-driven. The question is not about whether the industry is ready or not. The real question to be answered is where do we go from here?