Workshop by European GNSS Agency

Benefits and key-features of the European Global Navigation Satellite System (E-GNSS) for the Geospatial World
Date: 24 May 2016 Time: 1300-1730 hrs

Purpose of the workshop including specific learning objectives

Dialogue on the benefits of Galileo in Geospatial applications, including the bottlenecks the industry is facing to adopt E-GNSS smoothly, concerns and needs to be met while implementing Galileo, discussion on potential usage of Authentication service within Location Intelligence/high accuracy applications

Target workshop audience

Surveyors/GIS, reference network providers, receiver manufacturers, surveying/GIS/Geospatial/ Geoinformatics associations

Workshop duration

3.5 hours

Detailed description of workshop

The workshop is structured in two parts:

In the first part, the aim is to highlight to the geospatial community:

  • The E-GNSS status (E-GNSS programme timeline, Galileo frequencies, services description)
  • E-GNSS key features and benefits for geospatial applications with the focus on high-accuracy applications (Galileo Open Service (OS), and the Galileo Commercial Service (CS))
  • R&D opportunities for industry and receiver manufacturers (Horizon 2020, Fundamental Elements)
  • The European GNSS Service Center- The interface between the Galileo system and the users of the Galileo Open Service (OS), and the Galileo Commercial Service (CS).

The second part is dedicated to Galileo integration and adoption in Geospatial equipment and end-products and will conclude with a discussion on potential usage of the Galileo signal authentication service within high-accuracy/Location Intelligence domain.

Workshop Agenda

1300-1500 hrs Part 1

Marie Menard/GSA Welcome and Official Opening of the Workshop

Alina Hriscu/GSA Galileo - Status, developments and benefits for the geospatial users

Hans Dufourmont / EEA Copernicus land service: hot spot monitoring with Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery

Ana Senado Garcia / GSC (GSA) European GNSS Service Centre – the unique interface with Galileo users

Pedro Pintor / ESSP EGNOS for mapping - Guideline and best practise for your EGNOS receiver

Maurice Barbieri / President CLGE Galileo and the strategic vision of the European Surveying Professionals

Laura van de Vyvere / M3 Systems Belgium Winner of CLGE Young Surveyors Prize. Innovative use of Galileo's four frequencies to improve positioning in harsh ionospheric conditions

1500-1600 hrs

Networking tea/coffee break and Visit to exhibition

1600-1730 hrs Part 2

Bo Jonsson / Swedish Cartographic Society, BNB consulting Benefits of Galileo for Swedish surveyors: strategy and status of implementation in the Swedish GNSS user community

Dr. Stratos Stylianidis / Geoimaging LBS Augmented reality assistive system for utilities through Galileo and EGNOS

Pere Molina / Geonumerics mapKITE: leveraging Galileo E5 AltBOC, unmanned aircraft for 3D mobile mapping of corridors

Round table and conclusions