Speakers Bio & Abstract

Jacques Wessels Chief Executive Officer
FlowCentric Technologies
South Africa

With more than 25 years’ experience as a leader and strategist in both the military and corporate arena, Jacques Wessels has been the CEO of the FlowCentric Group of Companies for the past 11 years. Jacques holds a BMil Degree from the South African Military Academy and a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership from UNISA SBL. He served in the military and retired as an Army Command and Staff qualified Lieutenant Colonel after 13 years. Jacques joined FlowCentric Technologies in 2004 and was instrumental in the growth from a 5 man business to a company with an international footprint on 4 continents. He displayed strong management characteristics and business acumen throughout his professional career. Jacques sets high standards for himself and the team he leads, striving to ensure customers’ expectations are not only met but often exceeded. Other than a sound grasp of Project Management, Business Development and Strategic Principles, Jacques has a comprehensive understanding of the day-to-day challenges that C-Level personnel face. He prides himself in leading an innovative team of professionals working tirelessly to provide effective solutions to these corporate challenges.