Speakers Bio & Abstract

Jakub Karas Director
Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance
Czech Republic

Jakub is the co-owner UPVISION, manager and consultant for unmanned aerial systems, is specialized in Photogrammetry and GIS, and has been working in this field in the Czech Republic more than 14 years (Eurosense, Gefos, Geodis). He is director Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance, member Czech Geoinformatic Association, member Czech Society for Photogrammetry and Remote sensing and lead of the Local program Commitee TCP1 in ISPRS 2016 in Prague.

He is the pilot of 6 different UAV with permissions from Czech CAA. Author book “Drones” and co-author mobile application MAIA for all UAV users. Abstract
In 2015 in Czech Republic a unique UAS project was conducted, when was received permission from the Prague Castle Administration, Office of the Czech President and especially the Civil Aviation Authority, permission to fly UAVs in the no-fly zone Prague Castle. This zone is strictly guarded and monitored and every attempt at flying here with UAV penalize ends. it is highest guarded no-fly zone in the country. Flying was carried out during working day and with respect to wind speed and clear weather conditions and also, when President wasn’t in Prague castle.

For flying over the complex were created special flight plans which are overlapped.

The main output was actual orthophotomap in Czech coordinate system with high image resolution 2,4 cm/pixel before area reconstruction. This high-resolution orthophoto is important complement technical map Castle for technical purposes Prague Castle, for example pasportization pavement.

Outputs will be integrated into geo-information system Prague Castle Administration and video with virtual tour of the complex in the future will be share on their website.

From Several hours mapping by UAV was acquired almost 100 gigabytes unique geographic data.