Speakers Bio & Abstract

Dan Paull Chief Executive Officer
PSMA Australia

Dan is the Chief Executive Officer of PSMA Australia Limited, the provider of authoritative national mapping and location information. Founded by the governments of Australia to provide an independent and self-funded means for collaborating on national geospatial matter, PSMA Australia’s approach and the technology and solutions employed have been recognised internationally. PSMA applies an innovative business model and world-leading technology to develop national location information from data from all governments of Australia. Dan is a founding member of the Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) Geospatial Special Interest Group and the author of numerous scientific papers, reports and reviews. Dan holds a Bachelor of Surveying (Hons) and completed an Executive MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management.Abstract
Geoscape - Capturing Australia's Built Environment for Emergency Modelling and Management
Geoscape is a new initiative from PSMA Australia that captures the observed built environment and anchors it in a reliable geospatial base. The dataset includes 3D building attributes, land cover, tree heights, and elevation. Geoscape also captures features such as roof materials, swimming pools and solar panels. Geoscape will link together numerous attributes to build up a greater understanding of what exists at an address for every address in Australia (13.5 million), including buildings, building attributes and land cover. Data quality and potential capture timelines will vary across Australia based on three categories. Each category has been developed based on a number of factors including the probability of the occurrence of a natural events (e.g. flooding), population distribution, industrial/commercial activities and ability to verify positional accuracy. Once completed, it is expected that Geoscape will provide new insights that can be applied broadly, including insurance risk modelling, emergency modelling and management, business and marketing intelligence, policy development, service delivery and many research activities. This capability is further enhanced through linkages to all PSMA datasets that extend the depth and power of the dataset.