Speakers Bio & Abstract

Tae Wook Kang Senior Researcher
Korea Institute Construction Technology
South Korea

Ph.D, Senior researcher in KICT. As a researcher related to Building Information Modeling and Construction Automation, I published articles and books such as BIM principle, BIM interoperability and platform, Civil BIM with Autodesk Civil3D, Collaborative Architecture Design with BIM, BIM-based Facility Management, Smart Building System, Arduino-based Smart Home Automation etc.Abstract
BIM Perspective Definition Metadata for integrating Facility Management Data
The purpose of this research is to suggest and develop a building information modeling (BIM) database based on BIM perspective definition metadata for connecting external facility management (FM) and BIM data, which considers variability and expandability from the user's perspective. The BIM-based FM system must be able to support different use cases per user role and effectively extract information required by the use cases from various heterogeneous data sources. If the FM system's user perspective becomes structurally fixed when developing the system, the lack of expandability can cause problems for maintenance and reusability. BIM perspective definition (BPD) metadata helps increase expandability and system reusability because it supports system variability, which allows adding or changing the user perspective even after the system has been developed. The information to be dealt with differs according to the user's role, which also means that the data model, data conversion rules, and expression methods change per perspective. The perspective should be able to extract only the user-requested data from the heterogeneous system's data source and format it in the style demanded by the user. In order to solve such issues, we analyzed the practice of FM and the benefits of using BIM-based FM, and we proposed a BPD that supports data extraction and conversion and created a prototype.