Speakers Bio & Abstract

Bagrat Bayburtian Deloitte Advisory Director
Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP

Mr. Bayburtian is a Director in the Forensics & Investigations practice of Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP, specializing in solutions development, data analytics, and geospatial analytics and solutions. He leads development of technology-based solutions for a broad range of clients’ needs including application development, data and spatial analytics, and visualizations. These solutions analyze and display massive amounts of data using variety of advanced analytics and geospatial techniques, and help our clients solve many important business problems including monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations, portfolio valuations, client segmentation analysis, asset tracking, risk assessments and fraud detection.

Mr. Bayburtian is a senior technology and product executive with over two decades of experience leading technology, product, data, and analytics teams across diverse business units and geographies. Abstract
Over the past decade, advances in mobile, sensor, and cloud technologies have fundamentally transformed the ways we view, interpret, and analyze locational data. The significance of the spatial component, and its critical operational and strategic status, is now of the utmost importance.

Effective, powerful, and intuitive mobile technologies coupled with precise sensors and accurate geospatial data have propelled geographic information systems (GIS) from a niche science to a vital analytics and assessment platform. GIS provides a structured framework for visualizing, analyzing, and understanding the “why?” behind the “where?”, but the quality of insights from GIS are heavily reliant on the data. Many industries are realizing the importance of geospatial analytics, and are turning to geospatial industry leaders in an effort to establish GIS infrastructure and capabilities.

In addition to driving the adoption of GIS in non-geocentric industries, accurate and reliable geospatial information has encouraged the analytic advancement of GIS and has cultivated the emergence of entirely new tech ecosystems. Personal Drones and UAVs, Web GIS, Real Time Geospatial Monitoring, and Geotagging are just a sample of the new and emerging technologies that have sprung up as GIS and geo-information sources will continue to grow and flourish.

Deloitte’s geospatial practice is harnessing the power of GIS to leverage progressive technologies and open geo-information sources to better advise our clients, penetrate new markets, and establish eminence in new industries.