Speakers Bio & Abstract

Owen Hawkins Operations Director
United Kingdom

Prior to joining Earth-i, Owen was a Senior Business Development Manager at SSTL, guiding product development and helping SSTL’s customers to make optimal use of their satellites.He previously worked as a Business Development Manager for SSTL’s wholly-owned subsidiary, DMC International Imaging (DMCii), which managed the Disaster Monitoring Constellation and sold satellite images and value-added services. At DMCii he was responsible for the distribution and sale of satellite imagery, and the development of new data products. Owen has an MSc in Nanoscale Science and Technology, and a BSc in Physics and Electronics, both from the University of Leeds.Abstract
Orbits, Clouds and Other Customers. Capacity or Availability – what matters more?
There are many commercial satellites looking at the earth, so why is it a challenge to get VHR imagery in a reasonable timescale?

Earth-i, the UK’s leading satellite data supplier, believes that fundamental issues surrounding satellite imagery provision are rarely discussed. The majority of technology focussed organisations place emphasis on the technical specifications of their satellites and the supply chain. This is useful, but does not address the main issue that stops customers getting what they want when they want it – not technical or meteorological factors, but commercial agreements.

The new TripleSat/DMC3 satellite constellation, freshly commissioned, provides a global daily revisit capability. This commercially funded and customer focussed constellation is fully operational and available for use.

During this talk, we will discuss how Earth-i prioritises its imagery requests and how our customers benefit from the priority we offer.