Speakers Bio & Abstract

Wolfgang Jörg ViennaGIS Coordinator
City of Vienna

Wolfgang Jörg, born in 1967 in Vienna, made his master degree in Geography / Cartography at the University of Vienna in 1991. Since 1992 he is employee at the city administration of Vienna, municipality department 14 – ICT. For 11 years he was head of division for GIS software engineering and since 2007 he is responsible for the coordination of ViennaGIS, the Geoinformation System of Vienna. His major subjects concern the Geodata Infrastructure of Vienna and recently Open Geo Government Data. Since 1995 he is member of various federal and national GIS task forces and expert committees including geoland.at, INSPIRE, Association of Austrian Cities and Towns, basemap.at. Since 2007 he is board member of AGEO, the Austrian Ambrella Organization of Geographic Information.Abstract
The spirit of Open Geo Government Data and basemap.at
basemap.at is a high-performance web basemap of Austria, published under the OpenGovernmentData (OGD) license of Austria. It is based upon data provided by the nine Austrian provinces and their partners. basemap.at is distributed in four different cartographic products and an additional orthophoto-product. basemap.at is characterized by an outstanding quality and accuracy up to a mapscale of 1:1000 for whole of Austria and in future in cities up to 1:500. The products are updated bi-monthly, which is outstanding for a national wide administration map of Austria. The product is free of charge and can be used free for everybody. The product was developed by the GIS-Departments of the nine Austrian provinces together with the University of Technology of Vienna, ITS Vienna Region and the company Synergis GmbH.