Speakers Bio & Abstract

Erika Paasche Account Executive
Planet Labs

Erika Paasche has been working in the remote sensing industry for more than ten years. In the initial start-up phase of RapidEye, she was an Application Specialist involved in developing the first products and services for the future RapidEye imagery. From Application Specialist she moved on to Project Manager for first small and then later large national and international projects. After this experience, Erika joined the marketing team as Program Development Manager for European governmental markets. In early 2014, she began working in the sales team at BlackBridge. Today, she is an Account Executive for Planet, where she is responsible for more than twenty partners.Abstract
Planet’s Mission: Always-on imagery – a step towards improved safety and emergency response capabilities
We’re in the middle of a new technology revolution - a global sensing revolution - in which we are covering the surface of the Earth, and the skies and space above it, with sensors: mobile phones, drones, satellites and the like. The picture of global change these sensors paint will usher in a new era of planetary awareness and transparency. They will also have an impact on how we respond to natural disasters and public safety concerns. Planet’s always-on, no tasking satellite constellation provides valuable information for these applications.