Speakers Bio & Abstract

Dr. Kumar Navulur President
DigitalGlobe Foundation

Dr. Navulur has over 23 years of experience in the Geospatial industry. He is the Sr. Director of Global Strategic Programs at DigitalGlobe. He obtained his doctorate from Purdue University in US. He is the author of the book entitled “Multi-Spectral Image Analysis Using Object Oriented Paradigm”. He is adjunct professor at the Universities of Denver and Colorado. Dr. Navulur recently took on the responsibility of President of DigitalGlobe Foundation.Abstract
Space provides a unique vantage point for mapping and monitoring our changing planet and provides very detailed line of sight to location information, anywhere across the globe. For success of SDG’s, it is imperative to create a baseline of current state of the planet which can be used for monitoring the progress of the SDG;s at national as well as global level. Satellite imagery can be used to create an accurate base layer at 50cm or better resolution and foundational information layers such as roads and transportation, population dynamics, structures and neighborhood patters, water bodies and their quality, etc. can be derived from this imagery base layer. By leveraging the daily collection capacity of the satellite constellation, various organizations and governments can quantitatively map the progress of SDG’s, micro level analysis at macro scale. Further, existing constellation of big satellites, with life span of 10-12 years are ideal for providing data continuity for monitoring the SDG’s through 2030 and beyond.