Speakers Bio & Abstract

TED LAMBOO Senior Vice President, Reality Modeling
Bentley Systems
The Netherlands

Ted Lamboo joined Bentley in 1994 and now leads the company’s global initiative to develop new markets and partnerships in the data capture of existing assets and infrastructure, leading to the availability and use of reality models in the as-built world. In his previously held positions with Bentley, he served as Bentley’s senior vice president, infrastructure owners, senior vice president of civil and geospatial global operations, senior vice president of international operations, president of Bentley Asia/Pacific, and vice president of sales for Bentley Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Prior to joining Bentley, Ted served for 13 years at Intergraph Europe, the European headquarters of Intergraph Corporation. He holds a degree in geodetic engineering from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and several post-graduate diplomas in computer engineering and development. Abstract
Reality Modeling and Continuous Surveying for Advancing Intelligent Infrastructure
With the increased availability of survey data based on lower cost methods like drones and high resolution cameras or even mobile phones, combined with a leap forward in digital photogrammetry, we now enter the era of reality modeling. This is further enhanced by the possibility of “continuous surveying” which allows us to always have both the information of our existing infrastructure as well as the planned infrastructure both at our fingertips. This will allow infrastructure information to be “consumed” in new applications and by new user communities - continuously. This presentation will highlight in what ways the reality models can be created and give a number of use cases that explain the incremental value during downstream applications.