Speakers Bio & Abstract

IOSUB CRISTIAN Head of GPS and Mobile Mapping

Iosub Cristian is a power engineer and holds a geography degree with specialization in spatial planning and cadaster. He is involved in GNSS surveying and Mobile Mapping System, and is responsible for implementing new technologies and providing technical support for the Department of Land Surveying and G.I.S at Gauss. GAUSS is the largest surveying company in Romania and provides topographic work for layout plans, topographic and cadastral plans, real estate, urbanistic cadaster, agricultural cadaster, land registration, design documentation, G.I.S., dedicated software for topography and topographic, database management, processing of satellite images and Mobile LiDAR Mapping.Abstract
The Value of employing Mobile light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology, to enhance airport and airfield knowledge
This presentation focuses on the benefits of employing mobile LiDAR technology for faster, safer and better results. Case studies from the Timisoara Airport will be used to illustrate mobile LiDAR technology for significant operational and safety benefit. As airports continue to look for more effective and efficient ways to operate – the need for more complex, accurate and well- documented geospatial information is crucial – so they can continue to evolve in larger and more complex environments. This is now possible by employing low cost mobile LiDAR technology.