Speakers Bio & Abstract

NIELS BOURGONJEN Business Manager Location Intelligence
The Netherlands

Niels Bourgonjen is Business Manager Location Intelligence at Geodan, one of the largest European companies specialized in Geospatial Information Services (www.geodan.nl). He is responsible for sales and business development activities in the private sector and has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of GIS, Location Based Services and strategic business consultancy in the geo-sector.

Since he started his career, Niels was involved in various large multi-year assignments for (international) governments and multinational companies. Over the years he has led several multidisciplinary teams, giving most weight to innovation management as a gateway to long-term customer retention.

Since a couple of years he focuses on launching ‘Geo-as-a-Service from the Cloud’. with a strong emphasis on customer relation management. He is committed to ‘The Democratization of Maps’, aiming to serve a wider audience with Location Intelligence, beyond the traditional Geospatial community. Abstract
Cloud-based Location Intelligence as the gateway to competitiveness
For most organizations change is a constant. Decline in demand forces companies to slim down, for example by closing offices. New competition requires changing sales and marketing strategies. On the other hand, there are companies that flourish and grow, resulting in a need for more sites and adjustments of logistic processes.

IT departments are expected to cope with these changes. Evolving business requirements will directly affect IT infrastructure. Powered by an unlimited potential of users that are just interested in easy accessible solutions which are available on demand. More and more driven by the ‘digitized society’. Characterized by automated business processes for which Location Intelligence is key. Location Intelligence helps to stay ahead of this challenge and improve competitiveness.

Collecting the expert knowledge to accomplish this, combined with providing enough resources in-house, is challenging for most IT departments. As this new reality asks for an IT platform that is capable to let Location Intelligence permeate the organization. Prepared for each department and any use. With a number of customer cases, we will explain how Geodan helps its customers to gain a competitive advantage in the corporate market. Big Data, Cloud Computing and a transaction-based business model support these business innovation examples.