Speakers Bio & Abstract

Slavco Velickov Industry Sales Director, Europe
Bentley Systems
The Netherlands

Slavco Velickov is an industry sales director for Bentley’s Water and Wastewater solution, based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. He is responsible for growing the company’s water, wastewater, and stormwater products in the EMEA region and developing new markets and business opportunities with channel partners and added-value resellers. Velickov also leads strategic and research projects for the lifecycle management of water infrastructure during tendering and negotiating phases. Velickov is a chartered engineer with more than 23 years of experience in the water industry developing, financing, and implementing projects. His experience gained from his work in many large-scale and smaller infrastructure projects provides him with the ability to promote and implement industry best practices on key topics such as risk-based asset performance management of aging infrastructure, BIM processes, non-revenue water reduction, wastewater collection and treatment, among others. Velickov earned a Ph.D. is from the Technical University in Delft, and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil hydraulic engineering with post graduate specializations in hydro-informatics and business development. Abstract
Improving efficiency of water utilities: practical examples
The presentation will feature examples of how professionals from public and private water utilities companies including the consulting ecosystem are currently dealing with geospatial mapping, management and asset performance modelling of water and sewer systems, reducing water losses and energy consumption, demand management, and other efficiency-related topics.

The first part of the presentation will address the efficiency trends in the water utilities industry, followed up by a brief description of the Bentley geospatial, asset performance, and hydraulic modeling and management solutions addressing these key efficiency topics.

Finally, practical examples of case studies regarding asset information management, active leakage management, pumping scheduling and energy optimization, and demand management will be presented outlining the ROI and the geospatial and asset data requirements aspects of these solutions.