Speakers Bio & Abstract

Jan Blaauboer Senior Sales Director Government, Europe
Bentley Systems
The Netherlands

Jan Blaauboer is responsible for Bentley's Government solutions business in the European region. He joined Bentley in 2008, initially as sales director for civil and local government users in the Benelux countries. Prior to joining Bentley, Blaauboer was principal consultant with Capgemini, setting up compliance and quality management systems for clients throughout Europe. Blaauboer began his career as a surveyor for the City of Rotterdam in the Netherlands before joining Intergraph, where held several positions in product marketing and support. He was also responsible for setting up the MicroStation Reseller network in the Netherlands and Belgium in the late 1980s.Abstract
A smart city starts with smart design
A city is obviously not born smart. We can only make a city smart. And, like quality, this has to be designed in. It shall not be added as an afterthought. In the limited time allowed for the presentation the presenter will demonstrate how ‘smart design’ can be done, using one specific example – using virtual reality in the design process. Next to this the presentation will briefly touch upon the usage of BIM / Common Data Environment for the lifecycle of the infrastructure object – which can be a tunnel, a bridge, a railroad, etc.